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IlluminFx New Rio Series of color changing RGB LED fixtures is the future of landscape lighting available today! IlluminFx has taken the complexity of theatrical lighting and applied it to today's landscape lighting to create an easy to use and install system for any novice to operate from their own computer.


Using DMX contollers and DMX decoders that are typically used in theatrical settings, Illuminfx now gives anyone the ability to program their own color changing shows from their own PC or you can simply use the pre-programmed shows for a plug in and go light show experience in your own backyard.

The Controller


The controller is used to interact with the lighting fixtures by controlling a number of dynamic color effects. Any inexperienced user can accurately set any static color using color and saturation adjustments. In addition, they can save these settings to quickly access later. The included software also allows for the controller to be quickly connected to a computer where a user can create their own lighting designs.



DMX decoders translate the lighting information from the controller and tell the lighting fixtures how to react. More DMX decoders allows  for more colors at once. 3 DMX decoders have the ability to produce up to 3 different colors at once.

oslo | General Info

IlluminFx New oslo series of LED lighting incorporates the same fixtures available in full RGB color changing but come in elegant warm white.

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